Clinical Psychology Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. David RaqueWelcome to my website!

After reviewing my background and getting a sense of my philosophy about how I work, please feel free to read some of the articles I have written on various topics. If there is a topic, you would like me to write something about or if you have any questions about my philosophy, please feel free to contact me.

Being trained as a psychologist, my approaches in working with individuals, families or couples are based on theories backed with scientific research. I also strive for a balance between what is supposed to work in theory with real life practicality. In over thirty years of practice I have learned sticking to one approach is not going to be effective for everyone. People generally come to see me because of a conflict they are wanting to resolve and I see my role as helping that person resolve their conflict as quickly as possible, although sometimes a problem that has manifested itself for years may also take time to resolve.

List of Psychological Services

• Cognitive Behavior Psychological Therapy • Individual Psychotherapy
• Relationship Issues • Family Counseling
• Sex Issues in Relationships • Marital Counseling
• Life Transitions • Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Trauma
• Parenting Problems

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